Content is Critical for a Successful Website: How to Find Content 500 words

3 min readJun 1, 2021


You must give that traffic you worked so hard to drive to your website something fresh, interesting and compelling to hang around for, or they’ll just click on outta there.

There are several ways you can find content for your website. The least expensive is probably writing the pages yourself. A webpage doesn’t have to be a lengthy time-consuming production. 250–300 words is just about enough for one webpage. Pick a topic that relates to your niche. Narrow the topic to one area that fits under that niche. If you have a website that is on, say, dog care, you could pick Grooming and Bathing. That’s still too broad for a brief 250 word article, so narrow it down again to Bathing. To outline the article, think about the different aspects of Bathing. You could write about how to bathe the dog, or where to bathe him/her, the type of shampoo to use, and how to dry the dog. There you go — you now have subjects for four different articles.

It is a gold mine of articles on every subject imaginable. Article Directory Sites include:

Ezine Articles

Easy Articles


Go Articles

Search the directory using the same key words you use for your website. You should be able to find a range of articles you can use. As long as you follow the Terms of Service (TOS) there shouldn’t be any problem. Be aware that most of those terms require that you leave the link in the author’s bio when you use the article. That means there could be a bit of leakage from your site to the author’s site, before your visitor has had a chance to click on one of your ads or products. Do not use the article and remove the link. That’s just not fair play.

Private Label Reports (PLR) are another avenue for obtaining content. Some of the reports allow the articles to be used for blogs and website contents. Make sure you check the rights being offered with the report before you use the content. Most of the time you’ll know the rights before you purchase the report. You can find PLR being offered for sale at Internet Marketing forums and discussion groups. There are also membership sites where you pay a monthly fee and receive new content every month. Some of the sites limit the number of members and focus on certain niches.

You can have articles for your site ghost written for you. The prices range from $1.00 per hundred words to $30 or more per 400 words. Cheaper is not always the best deal. Some of the very cheap articles are not carefully written, or may not be written by someone whose primary language is English. You will be forced to invest your own valuable time in editing the articles to meet your standards.

If you use a little imagination you can find lots of ways to fill your web site with interesting content that keeps your visitors engaged.